3D for games

About Andy Gahan


www.3D-For-Games.com was originally set up to support and advise readers of Andrew Gahan’s 1st book 3ds max Modeling for Games. The idea was to create a nice and relaxed spot on the net where people from all abilities could post up their work, and questions and generally chat about 3D and games without any hassle.

The forum soon became a very plesant place to meet people and get help, or show off what you’ve been working on. The forum isn’t full of proffessionals showing off models and scenes that have taken months of full time work to complete – although there are a few. It’s more aimed at giving less experienced artists a forum to show what they have been doing, get help and advice in a friendly relaxed way.

The forum community continued to grow with the release of Game Art Complete which Andrew Gahan edited and the latests Max In Minutes series of video tutorials from Focal Press.

Since publishing is moving away from including discs with their books, 3D-For-Games.com is also designed to host the projject files that acompany the ne training releases.

With new releases such as 3D Automotive Modelling for Games and Film along with a couple of new un-announced projects, the community will continue to thrive and grow and continue to be a great resource for anyone looking for advice on modelling, art and getting into the games industry.

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