3D for games

3ds Max Modeling for Games

3ds Max Modeling for Games is the best introductory book on the market to help you to get up to speed with modelling and texturing in 3dsmax.

It takes you step by step through a series of projects, starting from creating a box and adding texture maps to it, through to creating a number of in-game assets including a vehicle, a character and an environment.

It also covers creating various different types of texture maps and how to put a portfolio together.


Reviews for 3ds Max Modeling for Games

  • A book for beginners and professionals

    Dean Mc (Evolution Studios)

  • An essential buy for artists looking to get into the games industry!

    Andy Manns (Juice Games)

  • A must read

    Richard Cook (Bizzarre Creations)

  • A must-have for anyone interested in getting into the industry!

    A Burrows (TT Fusion)

  • Absolutely Superb! Invaluable for the aspiring 3D Artist! I've been using 3DS Max for over two years now and I learned more from this book in a matter of days!

    Michael James Cox (Amazon.co.uk)

  • More than a book. The biggest positive this book has however doesn't come from inside it. Instead it comes from the brilliant community support offered by Andy and the 3d-for-games community. After buying the book I gained advice from Andy himself as well as other industry and high-level artists who helped me better myself as a creative and game artist. This kind of connection to the author is rare and its almost worth buying the book for what that brings.

    Mr N J Gainey (Amazon.co.uk)

  • You need this, no matter what you want to do with 3ds max An incredible book! The author treats every subject with care and puts an emphasize only on the important stuff that one has to know in order to become a great artist.

    Octavian ‘Oct’, Romania (Amazon.co.uk)