3D for games


  • Getting into the games industry

    Getting into the Games industry as a 3D Artist, is a simple guide for anyone who is looking to land their 1st job making games.

    It’s a brief 4 step guide which will point you in the right direction for your new career.

  • Breakable Wall tutorial

    The breakable wall tutorial was written for a forum member who requests a tutorial on how to build a breakable wall in 3ds max.

    We produced a simple step by step guide to guide you through this process.

  • Create an animated material tutorial

    This tutorial was created to help you when modelling with blueprints and image planes.

    Instead of just using a material that has 70% opacity to create your model, another and perhaps more useful method is to apply an animated material that ranges from totally transparent to solid that is easily controlled by the animation slider.

    We take you through this simple process, step by step.

Civic Virtual #1